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Panorama SpatialDB Service

Panorama SpatialDB Service - it is service of Windows Service or Linux, intended for creation and updating of objects of vector maps placed for the multiuser access on the GIS Server, according to information from the databases storing the spatial data in accordance with standard OGC 06-103r4: "OpenGIS® Implementation Standard for Geographic information - Simple feature access - Part 1: Common architecture".

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Work scheme of program

Specified standard Open GIS Consortium defines the rules of placing the information about the spatial description of objects in relational databases, structure of this information and regulates the base principles for work to it.

Service the Panorama SpatialDB Service is simultaneously both a client of the server of relational spatial databases, and a client of the GIS Server.

The following spatial databases are supported:

  • • PostgreSQL (with the option PostGIS);
  • • Microsoft SQL Server (versions from 2008 and above, it is allowed to use Express versions) only for Windows;
  • • Oracle Database 10g (and above, it is allowed the use of versions of Express Edition) only for Windows.

The service carries out actualization of data on vector maps by the information from a database. Updating will be executed with a specified interval of time or under the schedule.

Data updates can be performed as a whole and incrementally. In the latter case each iteration of data updates does not process all data sets entirely, but only those records which have changed from the moment of the previous update. For supporting the possibility of incremental update of map objects in a database there is created the special table - changes log.

So as Panorama SpatialDB Service is service of Windows Service, it starts automatically at system startup and requires no operator action for this purpose, including the need to pass authorization.

All activities of service are recorded into directory LOG located in the root directory of the program. Into this directory there are placed the service's work protocols for each bundle "DB - Map". Each month, a new log file for a bunch of "DB - Map"is formed. Log file name matches the name of the updated map on the GIS Server and the current month.

Panorama SpatialDB Service starts automatically at system startup, and can function around the clock unlimited time and to perform the process of updating data in a specified time, or regularly at a specified interval.

1. Panorama SpatialDB Service supports the following geometry types of OGC 06-103r4 standard:

  • • Point;
  • • Line;
  • • Polygon;
  • • Multipoint;
  • • Multiline;
  • • Multipolygon.
Panorama SpatialDB Service is service of Windows Service

Figure 2 - Panorama SpatialDB Service is service of Windows Service

Mutual conformity of data at the level Record of the DB table? Cartographical object

Figure 3 - Mutual conformity of data at the level "Record of the DB table? Cartographical object"

The coordinate system and projection parameters of spatial description of the objects containing in a DB and intended for mapping should correspond to EPSG:4326 (SRID = 4326). Coordinates should be written down in format Lat/Lon in the form of degrees with fractions.

Table 1. Types of geometry of DB, supported by the program

Type of geometry Example
Polygon Simple

With subobject
MultiPolygon Simple

With subobjecst

Support of multi-geometry on the map side is achieved through sets of objects. For each simple type of geometry which is a part of multi-geometry, on a map an object corresponding to the localization is created. Thus, to the object of a database having type of multi-geometry on a map not one object will correspond, but at once several objects. Such objects on a map are united into sets, that allows subsequently by one separately taken object on a map to select the entire set, that is, all components of multi-geometry. Support of objects sets is implemented at the level of GIS-core of "Panorama".

Table 2. Character of objects localization in sets of a vector map of the GIS "Panorama" format corresponding to the types of database multi-geometry

DB geometry type External view Map object type
MultiPoint Set of point objects
MultiLineString Set of linear objects
MultiPolygon Simple

With subobjects
Set of objects consisting of polygons (including polygons with subobjects)