Cadastre and urban building

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

GIS "Land and real estate" is the basic component for building a municipal geo-information system. It is designed for efficient collection, accumulation, analysis of inventory data on land and real estate in order to provide efficient management of territories.

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The system provides the solution of the following major tasks:

  • Х inventory of land resources and real estate objects;
  • Х information support for acceptance of administrative decisions;
  • Х optimization for work of municipal and public services;
  • Х improvement of interaction for the state and commercial structures;
  • Х increase of the property taxes collecting.

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

The main functions of GIS "Land and real estate":

  • Х Quantitative and qualitative registration of the lands with their breakdown by category, purpose of use;
  • Х Registration of real estate objects by different criteria;
  • Х Creation and maintenance of digital jgmap for the city (region) with the ability to configure a system of symbols by GIS "Map 2011" or "Panorama-editor";
  • Х Maintenance of lease agreements;
  • Х Management for contracts of sale and purchase;
  • Х Maintenance of address plan and address register;
  • Х Accounting of the rights for subjects (legal entities and individuals, individual entrepreneurs);
  • Х Reception and registration of visitors;
  • Х Maintenance of the cadastral division of territory;
  • Х Formation of reports;
  • Х Support of the document circulation;
  • Х Accounting of the right certifying documents to land and real estate objects;
  • Х Tracking the receipt of the land payments;
  • Х Complex queries and a quick search of information;
  • Х Maintenance of archival information about the land plots and the right holders.

The attribute database is built by architecture of "client-server" on the base DBMS Microsoft SQL Server. Digital maps of the territory have a format of GIS Panorama.

Together with the professional vectorizer Ц "Panorama-editor" или GIS "Map 2011", the system allows to create new and modify existing objects of cadastral maps. At the request of customer, GIS can be supplied with the unit "Geodesy", which provides the data processing of electronic total tacheometers and GPS equipment.

The system provides easy search of information according to different criteria:

  • Х cadastral number;
  • Х location on the map;
  • Х the subject of the right;
  • Х type of right to a land plot;
  • Х purpose;
  • Х postal address;
  • Х the date of registration;
  • Х the sign of archive;
  • Х the date of commencement and termination of rights;
  • Х and others.
Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

Administrative-territorial division is presented in the form of the hierarchical list. It is conducted control of correctness for each address element. For receiving the full address it is enough to specify the street. Due the hierarchical division, the possibilities of search and grouping information are extended at creation of reporting and statistical documents. For identification of objects it is used the standard classifiers and directories of address objects (OKATO Ц General classifier of the objects of administrative-territorial devision, KLADR Ц Classifier of the Russian Federation addresses).

The municipal geo-information system "Land and Real Estate" is intended for performance of the following operations:

  • Х maintaining a database in Microsoft SQL Server containing data on real estate objects, data on the land plot on which objects are located, and data on the organizations (individual entrepreneurs) carrying out activity on these objects and/or having property rights on them;
  • Х the communication establishment between considered objects and objects of the digital map;
  • Х search and expeditious display of information on the land plot, real estate object with its simultaneous display on the digital map;
  • Х maintenance of leasing agreements;
  • Х monitoring of real estate objects and the organizations carrying out activity on these objects and/or having property rights on them;
  • Х the analysis of results of the monitoring, allowing to estimate a situation on each real estate object and to make administrative decisions on an assessment of efficiency of activity of the organizations (individual entrepreneurs) which are carrying out activity on them;
  • Х reduction of volume of labor-consuming routine operations on maintaining the cadastral accounting of the land plots and real estate objects, the organizations carrying out activity on these objects and/or having property rights on them;
  • Х increase of reliability of received, processed and stored information;
  • Х reduction of terms and improvement of quality of carrying out technological processes on maintaining the accounting of the land plots, real estate objects, and also preparations and paperwork;
  • Х possibility of formation the various forms of the reporting in the field of the land relations, presented to the management;
  • Х activity support according to the analysis of situations and development of optimum administrative decisions;
  • Х maintaining library of the slides, allowing to accumulate graphic information in the form of images (photos) of object of the account;
  • Х ensuring presentation of processed information.
Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

The program supports work in the network architecture "client-server" with access control and protection from unauthorized access to the database.

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

The module maintenance of leasing contracts

The module maintenance of leasing agreements of real estate objects allows the calculations to determine the amount of rent for the use of object records. The rent for use of land set of its cadastral value. Ignored the order, conditions and terms of rent payment.

The main objectives of the module maintenance of leasing agreements are:

  • Х maintenance of database of the rent contract;
  • Х accounting information, affecting the amount of rent;
  • Х accounting changes rent;
  • Х control the actual payments for the rent of land plots.

Accounting information, affecting the amount of leasing payment, is the calculation parameters to a particular Treaty, under which the calculated amount required to be paid before the expiry date of the contract. Based on the data of calculation, it will be formed the payments under the agreements in the future.

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

The parameters include:

  • Х serial number;
  • Х the basis of calculation;
  • Х period (of time);
  • Х the number of months included in the period;
  • Х total area (sq.m);
  • Х specific indicator of the cadastral value of the land plot;
  • Х coefficient established depending on the type of permitted use and the category of the land plot;
  • Х inflation;
  • Х price for the 1 sq. m per year;
  • Х total amount (rubles);
  • Х annual amount (rubles);
  • Х amount per quarter (rubles);
  • Х amount for the month (rubles).

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

Formation of a list of payments under the lease represents the calculation of the amount of rent under the periods of payment depending on the lease payment options and on the basis of the calculated in advance of the annual payments. The list can be created either automatically, by user request system, and manually.

In the module maintenance of lease agreements, it is possible to print the reporting documents, in particular:

  • Х printing a lease contract;
  • Х printing contract with the select template from the list of templates file into which to insert the data from the system;
  • Х printing of receipts.

The module for maintenance contracts of purchase-sale for real estate objects allows formation of sale contracts.

Module transmission of reports to tax authorities allows you to generate data about the land plots and the right holders in the electronic form (XML and Microsoft Word) and, in paper, in accordance with order of the Federal tax service. There is archive data to the tax authorities.

Loading module information from the tax authorities allows you to add new and update the existing data about the land plots and the right holders. Module imports the XML data ( _2_302_01_001_001) and draws up the report of the executed operations.

The module maintenance of address register forms a uniform system for addresses of real estate objects in the database and on the map, which allows centralized registration address binding.

Module reception of applications allows the consistent consideration of applications for persons and organizations, at the level of municipal authority with control of the current status of the application (made, not made, and at what stage of consideration, who is a responsible executor).

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

Methods of entering cartographic information:

  • Х Vectoring of the scanned maps;
  • Х Creation of the objects into account existing coordinates;
  • Х Processing of the field measurements;
  • Х Processing of the data GPS equipment;
  • Х Materials of the aerial photography and the remote sensing data;
  • Х Import of information from other systems (import/export of the map data in formats TXF, SXF, MIF/MID, DXF, SHP(DBF)).

Municipal geo-information system - LAND AND REAL ESTATE

The module of the accounting for the enterprises of environmental resources using and sources of emission of polluting substances allows to take into account personal data about the users and to register the fact of payments of the enterprises for emissions, water pollution, waste disposal.

To import data from SURZ "Land and Right" allows you to transfer information from directories, address and territorial classifier, land information and copyright holders.

Performance conditions

MGIS consists of server and client part. As the server it is used MS SQL Server 2005 (is not included into delivery). For functioning of client part of MGIS "Land and real estate", the workstation has to follow minimum requirements:

  • - System: Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP4), XP (SP2), Vista, 7 (Seven);
  • - CPU (processor): Intel Pentium III 800 MHz;
  • - Random access memory: 512 Mb;
  • - Free space in one section of a hard disk : 1 Gb;
  • - The monitor with the recommended minimum resolution of 1024 х768;
  • - For access to DB at each workstation, it has to be set the driver OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (it is included in Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8, and it is also a part in the standard Microsoft Windows XP SP2 installation).

To start work it is necessary to execute program installation, to restore a database on MS SQL Server 2005, to perform tunings. Detailed information on installation of the program and its control is described in "Administrator Manual of system.doc" which is in directory \Doc after implementation of the setup.exe program.

Version of MS SQL Server 2005 "Express Edition" can be downloaded from

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