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Panorama Mini Linux

Panorama Mini Linux is the universal geographic information system designed for collecting spatial data, maintaining a spatial database, creating and updating digital maps and plans, creating information systems for various purposes.

The product is implemented in languages: russian, english.

GIS Panorama Mini

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Main functions

1. Import and viewing:

  • vector maps from formats SXF, TXF, OGC GML (XML), KML (Google), DXF, etc.;
  • raster data (RSW, BMP, JPEG, GeoTIFF, TIFF);
  • matrixes of heights, matrixes of qualities, geological matrixes of layers, TIN-models, laser scanning data (point cloud in MTD format);
  • user maps, work region.
GIS Panorama Mini
GIS Panorama Mini

2. Creation of new maps with automatic filling of parameters using the EPSG code or from the list of parameters in XML format.

3. Export of maps into SXF, DXF, OGC GML formats.

4. Multiuser work with data with access control through connection to the GIS Server.

5. Map editing:

  • creation of simple objects and objects with subobjects;
  • creation of objects according to the type of the selected one from the panel of models of created objects;
  • creating, deleting and moving the points of the object contour;
  • moving and rotating objects;
  • drawing simple lines and polygons;
  • input of titles texts and values of attributes in UNICODE.

Combining and editing vector maps of different projections in one document.

GIS Panorama Mini
GIS Panorama Mini

6. Support for popular geoportals, which allows displaying user maps over images received from Google (Sputnik), Google (Map), Google (Landscape), Yahoo! (Satellite), Yahoo! (Map), OpenStreetMap (Map), Yandex (Sputnik), Yandex (Map), Rosreestr, geoportal of the Cadastral map of Ukraine, Kosmosnimki and others. The list of geoportals is constantly expanding and can be supplemented by system users.

Import of data from servers using OGC WMS and OGC WFS protocols.

7. Printing to various output devices with customizable print settings. Preview of the document prepared for printing.

8. Complete documentation and help system in electronic form.

GIS Panorama Mini