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   Geo-information system "Realty"

Geo-information system "Realty"

Geo-information system "Realty"

Geo-information system "Realty" is intended for automation of activity on gathering, systematization and accounting of data on objects of the realty c by the subsequent binding to the ground areas. Creation of graphic and attributive databases of plans of houses and separate apartments with the subsequent binding to an electronic map of city and delivery of accounting materials.

At your service:

  • convenient representation of the information;
  • any, necessary for you, description detail of the realty;
  • analysis of the company work.

System provides the decision of the following primary tasks: Geo-information system "Realty"

  • inventory of property and resources of the realty;
  • information support of acceptance of administrative decisions;
  • optimization of work of municipal and public services;
  • improvement of interaction of state and commercial structures;
  • increase of a collecting of taxes on property, taxes with operations with the realty and payments for municipal services.

The system allows to link objects of the realty and the ground areas to electronic maps and to carry out calculation tasks with delivery of accounting materials.

All objects of the realty are grouped:

  • by types of requests (sale, purchase, rent, exchange);
  • by types of the realty (an apartment, a house);
  • by sections (the active offer, it is temporarily suspended, removed, archive of transactions).

For description of the realty's object it is possible to use over 80 parameters. The attributive database is constructed on architecture the client-server, the prominent feature of which is the carrying over of computing loading onto a server of a database (Firebird) and the maximal unloading of the client from computing work and so essential strengthening of safety of data - as from ill-intentioned, and simply erroneous changes. Electronic maps of district have a format of the GIS Panorama.

Geo-information system "Realty"Basic functions of geo-information system "Realty" are:

  • accounting of the realty objects;
  • binding of accounted objects to objects of an electronic map;
  • binding of accounted objects to objects of an electronic map;
  • finding and operative displaying of the information on the ground area with its simultaneous displaying on an electronic map.
  • finding and operative displaying of breadboard models, photos, plan of the house and plan of an apartment by storeys, displaying of the house on an electronic map.
  • creation and setting of reports on the basis of saved registration data.
  • conducting directories and classifiers;
  • formation and execution of search queries;
  • reception from an electronic map of metric characteristics of objects of the realty (length, width, the area, perimeter, coordinates, angle, etc.).

The reports generated by system, are represented files of Ђ*.xlsї format, their viewing, formatting and print are carried out by means of functions of appendix of Microsoft Office.

The system contains the built-in assistant. The assistant automatically gives help data and gives useful advice for the decision of typical tasks.


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