Specialised GIS

GIS "Operator" for the military forces

GIS "Operator" contains editing tools of operational situation, various classifiers and libraries of conventional symbols of operational situation adopted in the Russian Federation and NATO.

Geoinformation system "Operator" was adopted to supply the Armed Forces of the RF
by the order of the Minister of Defense of the RF № 598 of August 15, 2013.

GIS Operator for the military forces

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The purpose of system

  • Management of maps, images and matrices on the basis of the Atlas of maps.
  • Creating maps of operational situation and exchange of data with other systems.
  • Displaying 3D terrain models and operational situation.
  • Performing calculations of lengths, areas, azimuths, volumes on the map, building routes by the road network.
  • Building of profiles, areas of visibility, flood zones, buffer zones, execution of overlay operations over groups of objects
  • Connection to the map database for joint work.
  • Construction of thematic maps, graphs, diagrams, report documents, insets of maps, mapping of tables and text documents.
  • Dynamic connection to a map of Internet resources

GIS Operator

GIS Operator requests maps, matrixes, images and documents on the GIS Server

The system is intended for use in the following departments for creating an information space based on a uniform format for the presentation of cartographic basis (SXF), created in geodesy and cartography and the TS of the RF armed forces, the unified system of classification and coding of cartographic information and certified software:

  • The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
  • Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
  • Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation
  • Blood Service
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

For creating digital maps of situation about emergency situations there is supported the classifier created in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 22.0.10-96. This standard is mandatory for the management bodies of the Unified state system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, regional and local authorities of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, organizations and institutions engaged in the planning, organization and implementation of measures for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations.

GIS Operator

There are supported the modern protocols for standards of OGS Web Map Service Interface (WMS) and OGS Web Feature Service Implementation Specification (WFS), and also protocols of connection to resources DigitalGlobe and Google. The multiuser work with maps and databases with access control is provided.

Maps atlas

A set of overlapping maps on the same area, but with different scale and level of details. Automatic loading and displaying of a map of optimum details at zooming display. By means of the additional module - "MANAGER of MAPS" a convenient systematization of metadata about cartographical resources in your local network is available.

Maps atlas

Lists of documents, photos and maps. Customization of print and display

Lists of documents Lists of documents

Conducting and processing of special maps for the Air Forces,Navy. Railway maps for mobilization actions

Editor of operational situation

Drawing and editing of operational situation, designing the on-duty maps.

Editor of operational situation

Designing special maps

Designing special maps

Conducting the maps of operational situation, use of means of animation for displaying dynamics of situation's change

Automated creation of map legend

Automated creation of map legend

"Smart symbols" change a view at changing the values of semantics

Smart symbols Smart symbols

Displaying 3D terrain models in GIS "Operator"

The three-dimensional terrain model represents a surface constructed with taking into account the terrain, onto which you can impose the image of a vector, raster or matrix map, and located on it the three-dimensional objects corresponding to the two-dimensional map objects. It is a complete three-dimensional map, which allows you to select objects in the model in order to request information about an object, edit their appearance and characteristics. On three-dimensional model it is possible to see both the ground, and underground objects.

Displaying 3D terrain models

"GIS "Operator" provides the library of 3D-models of symbols of operational and tactical situation which can be applied at planning of operations in conjunction with the three-dimensional model of the terrain. This library allows you to visualize not only the main types of vehicles standing on arming of unit, but directly of its models or modifications, which enables more efficient planning of their use. "

Three-dimensional terrain models can be created by means of Professional GIS "Panorama".

Modelling a movement of special objects on the background of 3D-model

Modelling a movement of special objects on the background of 3D-model

Complex for calculation of trajectories of objects movement by real conditions of the terrain for preparation of flight missions.

Engineering constructions

Engineering constructions

Connection to geoportals

Displaying weather data in the area of planned actions

Displaying the temperature of air in the vicinity of planned actions

Data on the traffic situation, filling stations, traffic jams

Synchronization of maps and images

Emergencies. Prevention. Rescue. Help.

GIS "Operator" performs a forecasting the consequences of emergencies arising from accidents on radiation- and chemically- dangerous objects, and also as a result of destruction of storehouses of industrial liquid wastes.


Besides it the GIS Operator include calculation tasks for forecasting a zone of emergency spill of oil products, an identifying zones of flooding as a result of spring flood and flooding.

Forecasting of consequences of radioactive pollution is made on the basis of information on a relief and current built-up area, volume of contaminants.

Forecasting of pollution zone is made on the basis of information on terrain and weather conditions.

Forecasting of pollution zone
Forecasting of pollution zone

Statistical analysis and forecasting the occurrence of emergency situations.

Graphic means of GIS "Operator" for Linux provide displaying of maps with polygraphic quality on modern video cards with high resolution.