GIS "Panorama"

Professional GIS "Panorama 11"

The universal geo-information system having means of creation and editing the digital maps, execution of various measurements and calculations, overlay operations, constructions of 3D models, processing of raster data, means of preparation of graphic documents in an electronic and printed form, and also tools for work with databases.

Professional GIS Panorama 11

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GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Construction of three-dimensional models

Construction of three-dimensional models of district, movement along it in real time.
The surface of model can be formed with use of vector, raster or matrix maps.

Construction of mosaic

Building mosaic from any number of vector, raster and matrix maps. Support of multilayered matrix maps (geological), matrixes of a relief and matrixes of qualitative characteristics of district with their legends.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)
GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Construction of orthophotomaps

Construction of orthophotomaps by materials of satellite surveying of the central projection, panoramic and slot photos, air photography. Construction of regular and irregular (TIN - models) matrixes of heights by vector maps or by a set of point measurements.

Execution of logic and mathematical operations above lists of objects

Construction of crossings or unions of objects contours of one list with another. Construction of the common zone around objects presented in the list.
Selection on a map of objects of one list having certain spatial connection with objects of other list (entering, crossing, adjunction, deleting within the specified distance and so forth).

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Network model and network analysis

Tasks of the network analysis in GIS "Panorama 11" are search of the minimal path between knots in view of values of semantic characteristics of ribs of a network and a finding of objects within the specified distance from the specified knot (the graph of remoteness).

Block of geodetic calculation

Intended for data processing land researches in office conditions, drawings of results of calculations onto an electronic map and formations of accounting documents by metric and attributive data.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)
GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Complex of geological tasks

Set of applications for processing results of engineering-geological researches, for preparing and forming the drawings of engineering-geological columns and sections, for calculation of volumes and creating plans of earthworks.

Atlas of maps – manager of maps

Support of the atlas of maps (fast transition between overlapped maps of different scales, systems of coordinates and projections). By means of the additional module - "MANAGER OF MAPS" convenient systematization of metadata about cartographical resources in your local network is accessible.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Data converting

Converting of data in formats: SXF, TXF, DXF/DBF, MIF/MID, SHP, KML, GDF, S57/S52, GEN, DGN, MP, UPT, RTE, WPT, RTE, PLT, EVT, XLS, TXT, GRD, TIFF, JPEG, SID, NITF, EPS, EMF, etc. Support of standard systems of classification and coding of maps, interactive setting of libraries of conventional symbols and programming of new primitives.

Interactive designing of information systems

Interactive designing of information systems on the basis of the built-in constructor of forms, reports, SQL-queries.
There are realized the possibilities of formation of macros and queries, uniting of several tables of databases into one, link of map objects with the user forms is organized.

Thematic mapping

Creation of diagrams on a map by values of semantic characteristics or by values of the chosen fields of databases tables. At creation of cartograms there is an opportunity of proportional and disproportionate distribution of ranges of values of attributive characteristics.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Calculation on a plane and in space

Calculations on a plane and in space in view of distortions of projections, curvature of the Earth, three-dimensional coordinates, matrixes of heights and qualitative characteristics. Execution of overlay operations above multitude of objects.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Building and analysis of surfaces

GIS "Panorama 11" allows to create and analyze models of the surfaces reflecting change of the specified characteristic. Surface model can display such properties of district as heights of a relief, concentration of pollution, quantity of rainfall, a level of radiation, remoteness from the specified object and others.

Modelling zones of flood

GIS "Panorama 11" allows to create models of flood zones, using measurements of depths and data about the terrain - matrixes of heights (MTW), TIN-models.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)
GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Processing data of laser scanning

Creation and updating of digital maps, digital models of a relief and mathematical models of district according to data of air laser scanning and remote sensing of the Earth (RSE).

Preparation of maps to print

Automatic arrangement of filling signs and labels, designing of points of an adjunction and crossing of objects. Division of big objects onto parts. Cutting of a map onto sheets for the atlas. Formation of out-of-frame bordering and a legend, allocation of OLE of-objects. Converting into graphic formats and split to CMYK.

Graph of road

Creation, editing and search of the shortest routes by graph of a net. Graph of roads is created by the selected objects of a road net and represent the user map with edges and nodes.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)


Displaying of own position on a map background. Recalculation of the coordinates received in systems GLONASS (PZ-90) and NAVSTAR (WGS-84) into system of coordinates of 42 year. Displaying of three-dimensional coordinates, speeds and an azimuth of movement, distance, an azimuth onto the specified point and other parameters. Displaying of the traversed path and a choice of routes for the further movement. Query of electronic maps and digital pictures of district onto the specified territory by liaison channels. Construction of a road net, solution of transport tasks.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Work with spatial data from internet sources

Support of the international standards and protocols of data exchange OGC WMS, WFS and TMS allows to receive any spatial information from services located in the Internet environment.

Complex of analysis of multispectral images

Complex of analysis of multispectral images is intended for calculation of statistics on channels and settings of displayed channels of a multispectral image. Multispectral images are processed in files of GeoTIFF format without additional transformation to internal RSW format.

GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Features of the installation and operation of GIS "Panorama 11"

1) For software of version 11.x in 64-bit OS you must install a special driver for electronic key to, which is not installed automatically when you install the software. Installation of the key driver is on the software installation disc, see: "\System\WinKey5-x64\". Before installing the key driver for 64-bit system, you must verify the absence of a previously installed version of Guardant driver. If the driver is in the system, you need to uninstall it, then restart your system and install a key driver for 64-bit systems.