Block of geodetic calculations

Complex of geodesy calculations

Complex of geodesy calculations is intended for processing the data of topographic and geodetic surveys in office conditions, mapping the results of calculations and formation of accounting documents.

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Software which are part of a geodetic complex allow to solve the most tasks standing before the organizations, performing field works for drawing up the large-scale plans and registration of the ground areas and objects of the real estate in cadastre. In the GIS "Map 2011" there is stipulated a set of functions that are focused on data processing of geodetic measurements of district, made as by traditional devices (theodolites, levels, tape measures) with record into field books, and by electronic tacheometers and satellite systems. During processing the measurements received by any specified means, formation of report sheets and mapping results of calculations and adjustments is performed.

For processings of "raw" measurements the tabular form of data input from field magazine is stipulated. Appearance and the order of input are approached to traditional forms of filling of field magazines as much as possible, obligatory fields for input are marked by color. Data input into tables from digital geodetic devices is carried out by means of the module «Import of geodetic measurements». The program processes files of data in following exchange formats: RAW, SDR 33, R 4, R 5, M 5, REC 500, GTS-600, GTS-7 (GTS-700), 3Ta5, 3Ta5р? MOSS, GSI, DC1 (Pentax).

For loading into GIS format of data about pickets from text files with the coordinate description of points of measurements the separate task is stipulated, it allows to process already prepared coordinates. Import of geodetic measurementsPoints and their attributes will be presented on a map as a result. Using functions of the basic and geodetic editor it is possible to create additional points by linear and angular measurements of objects relatively already existing on a map. By pickets in an automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode it is possible to create polygon, linear, point objects and titles according to existing conventional symbols on the basis of the digital classifier of a map.

The special applied task and a set of functions of the map editor are intended for formation of horizontals by pickets (points with X Y H coordinates).

Automatic arrangement of heights labels of pickets and creation of heights labels of horizontals in a semi-automatic mode allow to reduce considerably time for designing topographical plans. For final preparation of plane-tables for delivery to the consumer it is enough to execute cutting of an arbitrary (user) electronic map onto plane-tables of the specified scale and to execute operations of the control, correction and a report of adjacent sheets. If it is necessary to print maps, functions of automatic formation of out-of-frame designing of plane-tables and preparations of large-scale plans for printing are used. Reception of a printed copy of a map can be executed on any printed device standardly installed in operational system.

For filling a package of land management's documentation in the GIS "Map 2011" is stipulated the built-in subsystem of forming surveying affairs. For user it is necessary and enough to have on a map a polygon object (part), the list of attributive data and a set of templates of accounting documents. The scheme of landownership is formed in an interactive mode, the user has an opportunity to specify structure of objects, their appearance, format of representation of angular and linear sizes, and also to edit the received scheme for the report. The program, by the certain rules, will automatically choose necessary data and will insert them into the report onto places in advance reserved in templates. Reports are created in Microsoft Word format that allows the user the additional opportunities on editing the received documents.

Input of attributive data on land-using can be executed both into semantics of object, and into the special table "Registration data". For linkage of attributive data with objects of a map and formation of the complete set of documents in dialogue the set of buttons of management is stipulated. In system there is a set of templates of accounting documents in Microsoft Word format, prepared according to requirements of Roszemcadastr. At the same time the user has an opportunity independently to develop new templates or to carry out flexible adjustment of existing templates of accounting documents.

Variants of delivering a complex of geodetic calculations:

  • • Full set of modules for the block the GEODESY And LAND MANAGEMENT
  • • Set of modules "Survey plan"

The complex is paid in addition to the Professional GIS "Map 2011" or to the Professional vectorizer "Panorama-editor"