Complex of preparing documents of aeronautical information automates processing the markings of the aerodrome ground elements


In KB "Panorama" the Complex of preparing documents of the aeronautical information version 7.1 for the GIS "Panorama" x64 is developed. The new version adds a dialog for maintaining a database of markings of artificial airfield pavements and ground elements of the aerodrome. The interface of input and output of obstacles is improved. There are implemented the possibility of group operations with obstacles, calculation of relative height when applying, import of individual attributes from MS Excel. The built-in converter ARINC added the ability to load obstacles in the ARNAD format. The functions of the AIXM converter have been expanded when importing the aerodrome infrastructure elements and ground zones of various types. Aeronautical classifier is improved.

Complex of preparing documents of the aeronautical information is intended for the creation and maintenance of a database of aeronautical information, the formation of aeronautical charts, the designing of flight routes for aircraft and the exchange of data with other information systems. Information exchange is carried out in ARINC and AIXM 5.1 formats. The main source of aeronautical information is the aeronautical data base created on the basis of the Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (AICM), with additions for storing the planned information and the results of the route designing. The model is recommended by the international organization for planning and coordination of air traffic "Eurocontrol".

The new version of the program, examples of documents of aeronautical information, the operational documentation, video lessons and presentations are available for download on the Download page.

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