GIS Toolkit offers developers of GIS-applications the enhanced possibilities of working with geoportals


In KB "Panorama" the GIS ToolKit of version 12.6.4 is developed for creation of GIS-applications in the environment of C ++ Builder, Delphi Embarcadero. In the new version, settings were added to the GIS-core, which provide the ability to set the coordinates offset for various geoportals. This is necessary to establish an exact match of the data displayed in the TMapView component and the geoportal, if artificial offsets are entered on it. Support of Flightradar24 resource is included into the list of available geoportals for implementing the monitoring of aircraft movement. The geoportal of the Moscow Region Regional Geographic Information System (RGIS) has been added. Information about spatial objects is placed in the system by the responsible state authorities and local self-government bodies of the Moscow Region and is the official state information resource of the Moscow Region. Support for geoportals with an arbitrary tile size is added. The settings are put into the user file crsregister.xml, which contains the description of user matrixes, their projections, scale factors and tile sizes. Speed of displaying geoportals is increased.

A new mode of displaying rasters and matrixes with recalculation of coordinate systems (transformation) and/or turning on the fly has been added into the GIS core. This allows you to display images and matrixes of elevations together with geoportals and vector maps with different coordinate systems and rotate these images at an arbitrary angle (for example, in a navigation task). The display speed of rasters and matrixes with transformation and rotation roughly corresponds to the usual display of rasters due to the use of multi-thread processing for multi-core processors and new data caching algorithms (display processes are accelerated 10 or more times).

In the new version the system of search for map objects using the TMapFind and TMapObj components is improved. To work with the map object, a new dialog is available that displays the attributes of object, its coordinates, object scheme, and scale of visibility. In the presence of permissions the dialog allows to edit object parameters.

GIS ToolKit is a tool for the developer of geographic information systems that allows you to process spatial databases. The toolkit consists of a set of visual components (supplied in the source code) and the API functions of GIS core for direct access to the geodatabase. The base of geodata can be located both at the workplace (direct access to the data), and in the local network or the Internet (the components of the GIS Server access or the exchange of data under the international protocols are used).

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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