The demonstration geoportal "Electric control center" based on GIS WebServer SE is updated


In KB "Panorama" the example of implementation of the "Electric control center", built on the basis of GIS WebServer SE, has been updated. The new version adds the ability to build routes for vehicles on an arbitrary date. Routes are built in the form of linear and point objects, during construction you can choose the color of the object. Displaying several routes are available at once for different dates, each waypoint contains time information. The constructed routes can be saved on the local computer in GeoJSON format for further processing and analysis.

For storing the information about the coordinates of the vehicles the database PostgreSQL used. From GPS/GLONASS trackers the information about current position, time and a car condition is arrived. Data is transmitted via HTTP protocol using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) packet data transmission. The mechanism for receiving and analysing data is implemented in PHP. You can use any other methods of receiving data. The route is drawn in the client’s browser, which receives all the necessary data in GeoJSON format. The route is added into the "Map contents" panel tree as a separate layer. "Electric control center" is implemented as a plug-in of the GIS WebServer SE application.

Access to cartographical data (images, vector maps and terrain information) is provided by Web services using common OGC protocols and ISO standards. Service of GIS WebService SE (OGC WMS/WMTS) provides spatial information in the form of graphic images. Data about terrain is represented as tiles and cached on the client.

GIS WebServer SE is used in the construction of closed corporate systems to ensure the protection of data having a security classification or a trade secret. The program is certified for Level 2 of absence of undeclared capabilities. GIS WebServer SE is implemented using the toolkit of GIS WebToolKit SE, which can be used in development tools that use the JavaScript.

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