GIS "Panorama" x64 automates the exchange of three-dimensional models prepared by using PHOTOMOD


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Panorama" version 12.6.2 for the x64 platform is developed. In the new version in the task “Navigator 3D” there is expanded the list of formats of imported models for displaying exact and realistic three-dimensional models of infinitely large size in DB3D format. Besides tiled models in format TLS (Agisoft Tiled Model) and points cloud in Agisoft OC3 format, support of importing three-dimensional models from Collada format into 3D-tiles of spatial data is added. Collada format is the international standard for exchanging the three-dimensional data. Models in this format can be obtained using such programs as: PHOTOMOD, Maya, 3ds Max, MeshLab, CityScape, CityEngine, SketchUp, Blender, Poser (v.7.0), Lightwave 3D (version 9.5), Cinema 4D (MAXON) , Softimage XSI, Houdini, modo and Strata 3D, Adobe Photoshop from version CS3 and others.

If the model does not have a reference to the terrain, then when the model is loaded, an interactive mode is proposed to transfer the model to the desired location. The transformation mode by the two selected points allows you to move, scale, rotate, lower, lift and even tilt the model, as it will be necessary. The models loaded into the DB3D format can be used to build a three-dimensional model of the terrain together with other data sources: vector maps, space and aerial photographs, geoportals, point clouds, matrixes of heights.

An example for the demonstration of new import capabilities and three-dimensional display in the GIS "Panorama" was the model of the central part of the city of Yekaterinburg, prepared by the "Rakurs" company using the PHOTOMOD software. The construction of metric three-dimensional models of urban development and 3D-vectorization in stereoscopic mode is one of the many photogrammetric processing services provided by "Racurs" company.

The task of connecting geoportals is improved. Support for geoportals with an arbitrary tile size is added. This will allow you to load tiles with sizes of 512x512, 1024x1024 pixels and others. The settings are put into the user file crsregister.xml, which contains the description of user matrixes, their projections, scale factors and tile sizes.

In the "Map Editor" task there is added a mode of creating a multipolygon by selected polygon objects. To simplify the interface of the program in the "Undo" mode, no question is asked to confirm the operator’s action if one map in the window was edited. In the "Delete object" mode, a question is not asked to confirm the operator’s action if the Ctrl key is pressed when you select by mouse the object to be deleted. In the dialog of connecting to the GIS Server in the "Monitoring" bookmark, the "Log" button was added to view the server operation log. The bookmark is displayed if the user has administrator rights on the GIS Server. This possibility is supported in the GIS Server version 8.1.1 and higher.

The display of title has been improved: when displaying labels after a period, comma, colon, digital symbol, narrow spaces are automatically placed. Examples: New, street Green, h. 1, fl. 2; scale = 1: 50 000; 2018. Narrow spaces allow you to reduce the size of the title image. There is added the ability to set the contour thickness (in hundredths of a millimeter) and the case of letters: all uppercase, all lowercase, as in the sentence. Calculation of the bounding box of the title is refined, the option "Narrow background" is added, which allows to compute a more compact size of the title. Reduced size of titles allow you to perform more high-quality automatic placement of titles, and also to use the narrow background of titles for masking or cropping lines, located under the title.

Import of data from KML and KMZ formats is improved. Objects on the map can be created with graphical parameters specified in the KML file, or with a conventional symbol selected from the RSC. For point objects that have links to icons, the corresponding graphic files are downloaded and displayed.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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