GIS ToolKit provides display of mobile objects


In KB "Panorama" the toolkit of GIS ToolKit version 12.5.9 was developed for creating GIS-applications in Delphi, C ++ Builder Embarcadero environment. New version improved the functioning of components TMapScreen (the component of processing and display of a set of spatial layers), TMapObj (the component of work with a separate spatial object) in a mode of displaying mobile objects.

The mode of displaying mobile objects allows you to speed up and improve visual qualities (excluding the blinking of the map) of displaying mobile and stationary user objects on the map background. Improving the display of user objects is carried out by optimizing the redrawing of the background map. In general, the background map image is put into the window from the internal image buffer of the map, and not by drawing the map from the data file. The more number of user objects are displayed simultaneously, the higher the optimization factor by speed and quality of display.

The components set allows creating monitoring systems for mobile objects that store coordinate descriptions in popular databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgre SQL). The using the special components of navigation and managing the geodatabase allows to simplify work with vast territories. The spatial data (geo-databases) prepared in the GIS "Panorama", including imported from the exchange formats of other geographic information systems (MIF/MID, DXF, SHAPE, KML, GDF) can serve as the background (general) maps for displaying mobile objects.

The geo-database can be located either in the workplace (direct access to data) or in the local network or the Internet (there are used the components of access to the GIS Server or data exchange over the international protocols WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS). The toolkit provides access to spatial data published by geoportals from different manufacturers, including predefined settings for popular geoportals: Yandex, Google, Rosreestr, Panorama, Kosmosnimki, Navitel, Mail, Air traffic monitoring and others. The list of available geoportals is constantly expanding. Data from geoportals can be combined with spatial data on the client.

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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