GIS "Operator" realizes fast display of space imagery data without loss of quality in Mbtiles format


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Operator" version 12.6.0 is developed for the x64 platform. The new version of the program adds support for the SQLite database for pyramid tiles in Mbtiles format. Mbtiles format is used for storing tile data in one file. It ensures the rapid issuance of spatial information in accordance with the requested scale and territory. Satellite images in TIFF format can contain tens of gigabytes of information, which can lead to a slowdown in their display. To speed up the display and preserve the quality of the data, they are converted to the Mbtiles format. The data in Mbtiles format is opened in the main menu item the File - Open. You can convert data into Mbtiles format using the Imagery Creator program.

Into the task of importing a list of DIR map sheets into a multi-sheet MAP map, there is added a processing of ZIP files that can contain one or more files of one of the formats SXF, SHP/DBF, MIF/MID (in one archive one format is processed). Files of maps sheets can be grouped in folders.

In the "Data Base" task, the modes "Update of semantics" and "Update table by semantic" are improved. Ability is added to delete the values of the semantic characteristics of map objects when the fields of the table contain empty values.

In the "Navigator 3D" task a support of 3D-tiles of spatial data in DB3D format is added for display of exact and realistic three-dimensional models of unlimitedly large size. DB3D format is intended for storaging and displaying the pyramids of three-dimensional tiles packed together with metadata tables in SQLite format. The format is intended for storing data in 3D-tiles pyramids of various type, for example, GoogleMapsCompatible ((a matrix compatible with Google data in projection EPSG:3857), GoogleCrs84Quad (a matrix compatible with Google data in projection EPSG:4326). Level of scale of data details and the coverage area is not limited. Import is supported to the DB3D format from formats of tile models TLS (Agisoft Tiled Mode) and point cloud Agisoft OC3. Vector 3D-tiles can be used for constructing three-dimensional terrain model together with other sources of data: vector maps, space and aerial photographs, geoportals, clouds of points, matrixes of heights.

Changes have been made to the main menu of the program. In the File menu, the Example data item is added, which allows you to quickly open examples of maps, rasters and matrixes from the installation. In the Help menu, the Documentation item is added, where you can view any document from the operational documentation that speeds up the search for necessary reference information. In the Help menu, the Forum item is added for quick transition in the browser to the web forum, designed for communication and information exchange between users and developers of the program. Into the Help menu, the "Video lessons" item is added to quickly jump to the page of training videos in the browser. The main menu item "Maps Synchronization" has been moved from the "Options" group into the "Window" group.

GIS reference system was updated. The new help system is organized in the form of HTML-files that allows to display it in the usual browser.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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