Technology of unmanned driving of vehicles using a satellite positioning system and a high-precision digital map is presented at the conference in MIIGAiK


The Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time (RIRT) has presented on May, 28th, 2018 in MIIGAiK at the International scientific and technical conference "Spatial data as a basis for development of digital economy" the presentation about domestic technology of support of unmanned driving of vehicles. The essence of the technology consists in the preparation and continuous issuance of actual and calculated parameters of the movement (coordinates, course, speed) from the precise positioning system and the digital model of the road to the vehicle and the formation on their basis of control actions onto the executive mechanisms of the unmanned vehicle.

The system of precise positioning provides a highly accurate (3-5 cm) positioning of moving vehicles in real time. As the technical basis of the high-precision coordinate system, there are used the developed software and the hardware of satellite base stations series-produced by the Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time.

Layers of spatial data of the digital road model are created in the GIS "Panorama" environment using the automated technology of downloading the results of road measurements obtained by the specialized road laboratory of the NPO "Region" with the use of mobile laser scanning.

The digital road model is published in the form of cartographic web-service that provides external consumers with information on structural lines of road, rational trajectory and safe high-speed mode of vehicle movement. For web-service creation the software products of KB "Panorama" the GIS WebService SE and GIS WebServer SE were used.

The presented technology allows to carry out autonomous traffic of vehicles in adverse weather conditions, at night, without equipping the road infrastructure with expensive equipment, and also to minimize the operating costs for the maintenance of the system. Safety of movement from collision with obstacles is provided by means of technical vision.

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