Tools for analysis of data of satellite monitoring of fields are embedded into GIS “Panorama AGRO”


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Panorama AGRO" version 5.0 is developed, which supports viewing the matrixes of vegetation indices obtained as a result of satellite monitoring.

Numerical values of vegetation indexes are calculated by external service of satellite monitoring. The result is provided in the form of a matrix of qualities with a discreteness corresponding to the resolution of the original image. Data of satellite monitoring are provided by the Geosys company.

The new version of "Panorama AGRO" supports a viewing and analysis of the matrixes of vegetation indices of the following types: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Chlorophyll Vegetation Index (CVI), Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI), Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (GNDVI). The most popular in agriculture is the index NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) - the normalized relative index of vegetation, according to which it is possible to judge the development of plant biomass during vegetation. According to numerous scientific publications, according to the NDVI index, crop yields can be predicted with high accuracy. The vegetation index NDVI is changed all season and its values are different during the growth, flowering and maturation of plants.

GIS "Panorama AGRO" allows to use full range of data required for technologies of exact agriculture: data of satellite monitoring the crops, soil sampling points, maps of soil fertility, application of GLONASS/GPS tools for monitoring the field progress and yield mapping, preparation for the differentiated application of fertilizers, support of data collection from unmanned aerial vehicles, monitoring of vehicles and agricultural machinery, and others.

Line of agricultural geoinformation products of KB "Panorama" for desktop and WEB clients includes the "Panorama AGRO", "Panorama-Editor FARMING", "Panorama AUTO", "Workstation of Agronomist", Panorama AGRO Service and GIS WebServer AGRO.

Constructed on their base the corporate GIS in a combination with cartographical GIS Server and professional GIS "Panorama" provides a single geoinformation space for the agro-enterprise.

New versions of the programs are located on our website in the Download section.

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