Training-demonstration example on creation of applications for GIS "Panorama" is prepared


KB "Panorama" prepared the training-demonstration example for creation of the user applications for the GIS "Panorama" in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. This example will help developers learn how to apply the functions and methods of the PANAPI and MAPAPI interfaces to create new program modes.

In the example, the task "Processing of multipolygons" is presented. It allows users of GIS "Panorama" to create and edit multipolygons - areal objects, consisting of several external and internal subobjects. Objects of this type are useful at creating maps, when you plan to connect to the maps of external databases. So on the political-administrative map with the help of multipolygons it is convenient to represent the territory of the administrative unit, which includes several separated parts. For example, if the administrative unit includes the territory of several islands. On a map of agricultural land with the help of multi-polygons, individual sites can be combined into one field, which is linked with recording an external database containing information on the crop grown on this field, grade, seed material and other.

To add an application task into the GIS "Panorama", you need to copy the files from the maptask directory to the folder with the system files. Then start the program and select "Toos" -> "Run applications" in the main menu. In the opened dialog with the list of application tasks, select "Add application", specify the application's name and then select the file multipoligon.dll.

The training sample with source codes in C++ language is available for download in the Download section. In the near future, it is planned to prepare training materials with step-by-step explanations of the project's program code.

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