A series of training-presentation materials on work with the Complex of preparing documents of the aeronautical information is updated


Specialists of KB "Panorama" performed works on updating and supplementing the cycle of training-presentation materials on application of the Complex of preparing documents of aeronautical information (version 7.0.4). The series includes two new and nine refined presentations.

The presentation "Conformity assessment of airfields to FAR requirements" examined the procedure for assessing obstacles according to the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR-262) and import/export of information from MS Excel documents. The new presentation "AIXM Converter" describes the work of exporting all types of aeronautical data to the AIXM format. The list of slides demonstrating new opportunities for processing zones, airfields and obstacles ("Conducting the main categories of aeronavigation objects") has been expanded. The materials on new parameters of the aerodrome infrastructure elements were added, which were introduced in accordance with the requirements of FAR-262. ("Conducting the base of the airdrome infrastructure"). The presentation "Maintaining the Routes of Standard Arrival, Departure and Instrumental Approach Routes" includes slides about working with waiting routes on the routes. All the updated training and presentation materials on the Complex of preparing the documents of aeronautical information, you can see on the "Presentation" page.

Complex of preparing documents of the aeronautical information is intended for the creation and maintenance of a database of aeronautical information, the formation of aeronautical charts, the designing of flight routes for aircraft and the exchange of data with other information systems. Information exchange is carried out in ARINC and AIXM 5.1 format. The main source of aeronautical information is the aeronautical data base created on the basis of the Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (AICM), with additions for storing the planned information and the results of the route designing. The model is recommended by the international organization for planning and coordination of air traffic "Eurocontrol".

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