In GIS Constructor for Qt Designer SE a set of demonstration examples for studying the principles of working with MAPAPI and graphic components expanded


In KB "Panorama" the GIS Constructor for Qt Designer SE version 12.3.0 is developed. In the new version the list of examples is supplemented with the typical functionality of GIS-applications: changing coordinates and characteristics of objects, the uniting and intersection of objects, work with the transaction log, transformation of the individual points and digital maps, performing calculations on maps, search by conditions (intersection, finding the distance, etc.), import of exchange formats and work with a GPS receiver. An example of connecting geoportals includes the ability to enter an arbitrary geoportal address.

In the new version of a kernel of GIS applications a support of importing maps of SHP-format is added. Now the user can import as separate files SHP into maps of GIS "Panorama" format, and entirely a set of SHP-files, having specified the path to the directory. Reliability of working the visual components of Qt Designer is improved.

GIS Constructor is a set of geoinformation components for use in the visual programming environment of Qt Designer, which allows you to develop your own GIS applications. The visualization of the contents of digital maps is made in conventional symbols adopted for topographic, geographical and various special maps. Geoinformation system has ample opportunities for performing calculations, for providing display of spatial data on various graphic devices in standard and user systems of conventional symbols. The main functions can be executed in multithreaded mode. It supports automatic optimization of used memory for processing large amounts of data (tens of gigabytes) on limited resources (hundreds of megabytes).

The toolkit is adapted to work on a wide range of platforms and supports operating systems such as Astra Linux SE, MSVS, CRTOS Neutrino, Elbrus, Zarya, Ubuntu, Alt Linux, QNX, CentOS and others. It can be used in computer complexes with processors of architectures ARMv7, Elbrus, PowerPC, Intel x86, Intel x64 and others.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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