The architecture of the GIS Server is updated to support the work of several thousand clients as part of corporate information systems


In KB "Panorama" the GIS Server version 7.4.12 is developed. The new version improves the performance and reliability of operations for editing spatial databases at high load on multi-core servers.

GIS Server with PostgreSQL DBMS was tested in cooperation with GIS WebService SE and GIS WebServer SE when connecting several thousand web clients and executing up to 500 requests per second. The database can be edited simultaneously by external applications and through the graphic interface of programs the GIS WebServer SE, GIS "Panorama". GIS Server automatically tracks all changes and synchronizes the data state, which allows GIS WebService SE to issue actual graphic images by OGC WMS requests.

The composition of diagnostic messages for analysis of contingencies has been expanded.

The protocol of the GIS Server operation is formed in the UTF-8 encoding.

GIS Server implementation has the same functionality for Windows and Linux platforms (AstraLinux SE, MSVS, CentOS, Elbrus and others) and allows you to organize cross-platform work with clients and on a network with several GIS Servers.

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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