At the forum in Rostov-on-Don the GIS-technologies of KB "Panorama" for construction of a single information space of the agricultural holding are presented


In Rostov-on-Don from February, 28th till March, 2nd, 2018 the XXI Agroindustrial forum of the South of Russia was held. Specialists of KB "Panorama" took part in the conference "Innovative technologies and technical means in agricultural production". At the event the presentation "GIS as a basis for formation of a digital enterprise" was demonstrated, which shows the application of KB Panorama software for building a single enterprise information space based on GIS.

The presented system of interacting software modules fully meets one of the main goals of the development direction of the digital economy, concerning the information infrastructure specified in the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" - creation of effective system for collecting, processing, storing and providing spatial data to consumers that meets the needs of the state, business and citizens in the current and reliable information on spatial objects.

As part of the conference, negotiations were held with the representative of the company "Farwater". As a result, an agreement was reached aimed at improving its own agrarian line of GIS, including "Panorama AGRO", "Workstation of Agronomist", GIS WebServer AGRO. In interaction with the universal GIS "Panorama" and GIS Server, these software products allow you to build complex distributed and scalable corporate information systems that allow you to automate a significant number of business processes of an enterprise working in the crop sector.

To date, the forum is a major exhibition event of the agrarian theme, which gives start to spring field work in the south of Russia and is of great importance for the development of the agro-industrial complex of the Southern Federal District. This year the agro-forum was visited by about 8000 specialists of the agro-industrial complex. More than 200 companies from Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and other countries presented their achievements.

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