An article has been prepared on the development of a geoportal for the political and administrative division of Ecuador


On the website of the KB "Panorama" an article was published on the creation of a reference system for the political and administrative division of Ecuador based on GIS WebServer SE. Authors of the article tell how developers can independently refine the interface and expand the functionality of the GIS WebServer SE program. The article presents examples of program code that implements the panel of the tree-list of the political and administrative division of the country, examines the stages of processing by the server of commands coming from the controls of this panel. It is in detail told, how the application processes requests for displaying territories of administrative units, with simultaneous moving and changing scale of a map. Authors explain work of mechanisms for obtaining from the database the reference information on the provinces and cantons selected on the map using the standard search modes and selection of objects.

Geoportal "Ecuador" is a web site containing information about the political and administrative division of the country (as of 2017). Information on the territorial system of the state is presented in the form of maps and a brief text description for each administrative unit. As a cartographic basis, the map of Ecuador is used at a scale of 1: 1 000 000 and a scheme for organizing the territory at the provincial and cantonal levels.

The prepared materials will be useful for developers planning creation of their own specialized information systems on the platform of GIS WebServer SE. The article on the development of the geoportal for political-administrative division of Ecuador is available for review in the Articles section.

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