"Workstation of cadastral engineer" provides simultaneous formation of the technical plan for several objects of real estate


In KB "Panorama" the "Workstation of cadastral engineer" version 12.5.3 is developed. In the new version in the "Geodesy calculations complex" there are updated the modes for formation of a technical plan for the building, construction, the object under construction and premises. The program provides processing of several one-type real estate objects at creation of the text report and electronic XML document.

The initial information for forming a technical plan is taken from the map containing the boundaries of real estate objects. For buildings, constructions and objects under construction the digital cadastral map is used presented in the coordinate system that is applied to conducting the Unified State Real Estate Register. For the premises, the buildings plans or floor plans are used, presented in the local (conditional) coordinate system. For the purpose of collective use, a cadastral map, a building plan and floor plans can be located on the GIS Server. To support the simultaneous processing of several real estate objects the dialog "Technical plan" is refined. A new page "Objects" has been added, containing information on cadastral numbers, location, characteristics of objects, their parts and premises inside the real estate object. Transition to groups and elements for input and editing of the data is ordered. It is now possible to save the list of attached documents for reuse.At formation of XML-file for multiplanimetric real estate object the continuous numbering of characteristic points of borders for all contours of object is supported.

The new version is available for download in the Download section.

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