Tests of GIS "Operator" for OS "Elbrus" are completed


Specialists of KB "Panorama" tested compatibility of GIS "Operator" SE with OS "Elbrus" for architecture x86_64. During tests, there was tested the interaction of the GIS "Operator" SE for the "Elbrus" OS with the server software solutions of GIS Server and GIS WebService SE on Linux and Windows platforms. The result of tests demonstrates the readiness of using the GIS "Operator" SE as a component in a single geoinformation platform.

GIS "Operator" is an universal domestic geoinformation system for power structures. The program is intended for accumulation, the storage, the automated processing and displaying the data, results of calculations and the forecasts having a geospatial binding. GIS "Operator" contains tools for displaying and processing vector, raster and matrix maps. The application provides users with tools for solving specialized tasks of modeling the movement of special objects against the background of 3D model, a forecasting the consequences of emergencies on hazardous objects, a monitoring the movement of aircraft, a performing the geodetic and topographic work, processing data from GPS/GLONASS navigation devices, a printing the displayed spatial data to various output devices and many others. GIS "Operator" SE is certified by the 2nd level of control of the absence of undeclared capabilities in the RF Ministry of Defense.

OS Elbrus is a domestic operating system based on the Linux kernel for the Elbrus architecture processors, developed at JSC "MCST". The operating system provides multitasking and multi-user modes of operation. For it, special mechanisms have been created for managing processes, virtual memory, interrupts, signals, synchronization, and support by tagged computations. In the core of the Elbrus operating system, a set of information security tools (SIST) is built from unauthorized access. The full functioning the SIST of system of the "Elbrus" OS should provide the required level of information protection from unauthorized access during the work of the computer complex as part of specialized automated systems. SIST is implemented using system calls, subroutines libraries, system configuration.

The new version of the program is available on the web-site in the Download section.

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