Training-presentation materials on work with GIS WebServer SE are updated


Specialists of KB "Panorama" have updated training-presentation materials on working with GIS WebServer SE. Geoinformation system is implemented on cloud technologies and is designed for building various information geoportals. The program automates the publication of the changing spatial data based on web services. With its help, you can create and edit data layers, provide access to user data from any computer, create thematic maps and cartograms. The application builds a three-dimensional model on open vector maps, matrixes of elevations and terrain images without preparation of model, performs search of the shortest routes by the graph of roads.

GIS WebServer SE, together with server applications the GIS WebService SE, GIS WebToolKit SE, GIS Server, are included into the "Geoportal Region" software package. The software package is designed for maintenance of a spatial data bank, the publication of digital cartographic information, remote sensing data, organisations of remote interaction with automated control systems, terrain monitoring systems and others.

On the website the demonstration thematic geoportals (municipal, agrarian, transport and others), implemented on the basis of GIS WebServer SE are presented. For each of examples the short description and gallery of screenshots are published.

Presentation materials on GIS WebServer SE are available on the "Presentation" page. You can see the documentation for the software product in the "Documentation" section.

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