"Workstation of urban-planner" increases the speed of processing large amounts of data when updating the town planning database by cadastral information


In KB "Panorama" the "Workstation of urban-planner" version 12.5.3 is developed. In the new version there is refined the technology of updating information in the registers of the municipal database with information from the real estate cadastre. Information on territorial zones, land plots, capital construction objects, engineering networks and other real estate objects are placed in the system registers, and their boundaries are displayed on the cadastral map with special conventional symbols. The cadastral map of the municipal formation for collective use is located on the GIS Server.

In the new version, the mode "Import of cadastral data from the semantics of map objects" provides for simultaneous updating the boundaries of the objects of municipal accounting on the map and information in the registers of the urban development database according to data from the XML documents "cadastral territory plan". Time for updating attributes in database registers is reduced at processing large amounts of cadastral information. The list of imported information about land plots and capital construction objects is expanded for synchronisation with information provided from the Unified State Real Estate Register. In the IOSGD registry, the process of searching and visualizing information about documents from the "Case on the land plot" by the cadastral number of the land plot or the capital construction object has been simplified.

The new version of the program is available on the site in the Download section.

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