At conference "Agro management 2017" in Belgorod the agrarian decisions of KB "Panorama" are presented


KB "Panorama" took part in the work of the section "Crop production" of the VI international industrial conference "Agro management 2017", which was held in Belgorod from October 25 to 27. The organizer of the conference was Ltd. "CenterProgrammSystem".

Specialists of KB "Panorama" introduced the presentation "Application of GIS in agriculture". The issues of providing automation of business processes in the crop sector were considered. The content of the report aroused great interest of the conference participants. Within the section work there were held the meetings with representatives of the companies the Rostselmash, AFG National, AIST and other manufacturers of agricultural machinery, software and crop production. As a result of the negotiations, a number of agreements have been reached aimed at developing own agrarian line of geoinformation systems, including "Panorama AGRO", "Workstation of Agronomist", GIS WebServer AGRO.

The complex of the presented programs is the tool providing the decision of the basic problems causing success in the conditions of the modern market: presence of the timely objective information, ability to accept correct administrative decisions and an opportunity to realize these decisions in practice.

The combination of these products, as well as their interaction with the cartographic GIS Server and the professional GIS "Panorama" allow to create the distributed scalable computing systems that provide a single geographic information space for the agro-enterprise. The "Agro-management" conferences are held annually in Belgorod, starting from 2012. The main goal of the event is to demonstrate examples of import substitution of foreign technologies by Russian developments, advanced experience of agricultural enterprises using innovations to improve the efficiency of agricultural production. More than 200 managers, masters and experts of agribusiness, leading domestic and foreign specialists in the field of development and integration took part in the event.

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