Demo thematic geoportals on the basis of cloud technologies are presented on the website of KB "Panorama"


On the updated website of KB "Panorama" the demo thematic geoportals (municipal, agrarian, transport and others)are presented. For each of the examples a short description and a gallery of screenshots are published.

Information geoportal "Noginsk District. The reference information on Noginsk District" may be as an example of construction of a municipal GIS for administrations of oblasts, districts, cities, settlements and other territorial units. The urban area is formed on the basis of digital plans of cities, snapshots, relief data and can be represented in the form of a traditional map or a volumetric terrain model. The geoportal provides the means for solving a direct and inverse geodetic task; calculation of distances, areas, angles; constructing an optimal route of travel between two points and others. The user interface allows you to print a map with your own comments. The geoportal is easily integrated into existing information systems.

Agroportal provides an opportunity for agricultural producers to access the agricultural GIS of the enterprise from anywhere in the world. The geoportal is intended for management of agriculture, provides creation of a digital map of contours of fields of an economy, conducting a base of soil fertility and an electronic corded book of history of fields. On the basis of indicators of agrochemical composition of soils and information on crop rotations the technological maps are formed and planning of the mechanised works is carried out. The agroportal is integrated with the monitoring system for agricultural machinery and vehicles and includes services for automating various calculations, including: the need for mineral fertilizers, mileage of vehicles, the processed area arable land and others. The results of the calculations can be presented in the form of thematic cartograms displayed together with background information, cadastral data and agricultural land contours for visualization of the analyzed indicator (crop distribution, planned and actual yield, sowing or harvesting works, etc.).

On the portal "Bank of spatial data" possibilities are presented for the organisation of storing, accounting and issuing cartographic materials in vector, raster and matrix form. The portal contains vector maps in SXF format, formed on the basis of data from open sources (OpenStreetMap, VMap0). The spatial data includes maps: of subjects of the Russian Federation, countries and cities of near and far abroad. In total there are more than 160 maps. All published maps are distributed free of charge under a free license.

Geoportal of the open data of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia has been developed by the company's specialists within the bounds of the preparation for VIII International Salon "Integrated Security 2015". The Web application provides systematized information about the forces of the Unified State System for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies and on the objects of the economy and infrastructure on the territory of the Russian Federation.

All information geoportals presented on the website, are implemented on the basis of GIS WebServer SE.

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