At agrarian conference in Samara the "end-to-end" technologies of GIS "Panorama" for building a digital enterprise were demonstrated


In Samara, from September 12 to September 15, the XIX International Conference "Complex systems: control and modeling problems" was held. KB "Panorama" took part in the work of the section "Information management systems in climatically optimized plant growing, monitoring of resources and crops". Our specialists presented the report "GIS as a basis to form a digital enterprise". During a meeting the application of the software of KB "Panorama" (GIS "Panorama AGRO", GIS "Panorama", GIS "Server" and others) for construction of system of gathering, accumulation and the publication of spatial data was demonstrated.

The software products of KB Panorama fully meet one of the main goals of direction of development of the digital economy related to the information infrastructure identified in the "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" program - the creation of an effective system for collecting, processing, storing and providing spatial data to consumers that meets the needs of the state, business and citizens in current and reliable information about spatial objects.

As part of the work of the section, negotiations were held with representatives of Rostselmash, CLAAS, Amazon and other producers of agricultural machinery and software. As a result of the meeting, a number of agreements were reached aimed at improving the agrarian line of geoinformation systems, including "Panorama AGRO", "Workstaion of Agronomist", GIS WebServer AGRO. In cooperation with the universal GIS "Panorama" and GIS Server, these software products allow you to build complex distributed and scalable corporate information systems that allow you to automate a significant number of business processes of an enterprise working in the crop sector.

International scientific conferences "Complex systems: control and modeling problems" are held annually in Samara since 1999. The main objective of the conferences is to provide a forum in which representatives of various scientific schools and disciplines could present their researches and developments in the field of management and simulation of complex systems. Conferences are organized by Institute for the Control of Complex Systems of Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCS RAS) under the patronage of International Association for Mathematical and Computer Modeling (IMACS), Russian National Committee on Automatic Control, Samara Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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