GIS Constructor for OS Astra Linux SE provides professional development of GIS-applications based on various versions of the Qt framework


In KB "Panorama" the GIS Constructor of version 12.1.0 is developed for operating system Astra Linux Special Edition (Release "Smolensk"). The new version combines the possibilities of developing the GIS-applications for Qt tools of version 4 and version 5. Using only one software product, the GIS Constructor user can create a GIS application for the required version of the Qt framework, with a minimum of effort.

The developer can easily switch the used version of the Qt framework using a command-line utility with a simple interface. With its help, you can get information about the used version in one action and change it to the desired one. After that, the GIS Constructor is fully ready to work with the selected libraries of Qt toolkit. For the convenience of the system administrator, the installer of GIS Constructor automatically performs the initial configuration of the application in the automatic mode. To determine the used version of the Qt framework, the current environment of the operating system is analyzed.

Universality of MAPAPI interface and GIS Constructor components provides portability of the developed source codes. The developer, depending on the task to be solved, can easily reassemble the GIS application for the required version of the Qt toolkit and create an image of the product for the end user.

The new version has expanded the possibilities of interacting with processing, which require significant resources of computational time. Using the modified callback interface, the developer can receive information about the progress of the processing and interact with the process in an interactive manner.

The display of operational signs, as well as programmable conventional signs of general purpose has been improved. The interface for creating temporary user maps has been expanded. Now the developer can directly specify the location of the created files by specifying a special environment variable.

GIS Constructor implements support for a single geoinformation space managed by spatial data servers (GIS Server) and application servers (GIS WebService SE).

Due to the ability to connect to the GIS Server, users of GIS applications can directly connect to geospatial data bases, view and edit tables in the form of maps in the specified conventional symbols. Support of interaction with GIS WebServiСЃe SE allows to get access to the spatial data by the international standards OGC WMS, WMTS.

GIS Constructor is a set of components for developing GIS applications for use in the visual programming environment of Qt Designer. Visualization of the contents of digital maps is made in conventional symbols adopted for topographic, geographic, cadastral and other types of maps. Geoinformation system has wide possibilities for creation (addition) of the user conventional symbols, supports the various coordinate systems and projections.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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