New training materials on GIS Server demonstrate the simplicity of installation and configuration of a complex geoinformation system


In KB "Panorama" the training materials on installation and configuration of the program the GIS Server are developed. One of the most important elements of the cloud storage of spatial data is a network formed from interconnected GIS Servers managing various kinds of spatial data - spatial data bases, digital vector maps and remote sensing data.

GIS Server provides work with spatial databases managed by PostgreSQL and Oracle databases with access to data in accordance with OGC 06-103r4 standard: "OpenGISВ® Implementation Standard for Geographic information - Part 1: Common architecture".

Clients access the spatial data located on the server at high speed due to an efficient caching mechanism. A flexible load distribution onto the disk subsystem is provided by the ability to assign a separate directory with a cache for each connection of GIS Server SE with the geospatial database.

The data placement on the server provides data protection from illegal copying and modification, provides reliable operation for collective data editing. GIS Server supports the control of changes in spatial data on the server and their synchronous updating on the client. Access to new versions of orthophotomaps, matrixes of elevations and vector maps is provided automatically without manual operations from the server administrator or clients.

The mechanism for accessing data via virtual folders excludes administration for separate sets of data from digital maps and remote sensing data, which can be dynamically created during the execution of different requests. Documents files can automatically be saved into the document folder, to which the reference will be added in the semantics of objects of the vector map.

Despite the complexity of the tasks to be solved and a large number of opportunities for control access to spatial data, the installation and configuration of the GIS Server is intuitively clear, fast and does not require the high-level skill of the system administrator.

You can find the training materials on installation and customizing the program in the "Presentation" section.

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