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GIS WebServer SE for OS CentOS expands the possibilities of 3D analysis of geospatial data


In KB "Panorama" the GIS WebServer SE version 3.3 is developed for operating system CentOS 7.2. In the new version the component of three-dimensional model of a map is updated. 3D model provides an opportunity to work and to view information layers from the geospatial data base and remote sensing data for analysis and decision making at designing. 3D surface is displayed in accordance with the terrain. Detailed models can contain three-dimensional objects corresponding to objects of a two-dimensional map.

The new version extends the user's ability to customize the 3D data model in accordance with its tasks: the view of the 3D object can be linked to its semantic characteristics, the boundaries displaying 3D objects are customized by scales. To get information about the object, you can directly having selected the objects from the 3D view. The composition of displayed three-dimensional objects changes automatically depending on the scale of the map display, at movement along equator the animation of moving and continuous display of 3D maps is provided.

When solving various navigational tasks the user has an opportunity to use spherical model of globe in the Web-browser: to view cities, countries, continents, analyze their mutual location, and also make a quick transition to any point on the Earth. Formation of spherical model of a terrestrial surface occurs automatically at transition to small scales of display.

For better perception of spatial data by the user, animation of the image is added when the scale of map display is changed. The basic actions of the user at editing and search of objects of spatial data are simplified. Now when performing the operations of modification and deletion, the output of a list of objects which are in a current point is added. The updated "Map Objects" component in a tabular form provides information about objects during search and selection operations with the possibility of displaying extended information from additional sources.

The list of available spatial data is expanded by adding the possibility of selecting a service for performing address search and searching by cadastre number on the Rosreestr portal.

In the new version the possibilities of measurements on a map are expanded - the mode of measuring angles on a map is added, modes of measurement of distance and the area are updated. To access spatial data, GIS WebServer SE uses the GIS WebService SE application server that within the geoinformation space provides access to data by the international standards OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, WMTS, WCS. For access to spatial data GIS WebServer SE uses application server GIS WebService SE which within the limits of geoinformation field provides access to data under the international standards OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, WMTS, WCS. As a source of the spatial data the Databank of digital maps and remote sensing data can act which provides gathering, storage, search and delivery of the spatial data in exchange formats, display of a state of the data in the form of the maps-schemes, the automated formation and updating of geo-covers.

The new version of the program is available on the site in the Download section.

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