In "Panorama-editor" the technology of automated generalization of topographic maps for obtaining high-quality multiscale maps is improved


In KB "Panorama" a professional vectorizer "Panorama-Editor" version 12.5 was developed. In the new version, the "Automated generalization of topographic maps" task has been refined. A new mode "Setting the range of roads visibility" was added. This mode is designed to simplify an overloaded road network at transition to smaller scales of maps. At compression of the map image the density of objects per unit of the area of a map increases. Linear objects of the road network begin to paint each other and adjacent polygonal map objects (blocks and industrial objects). The new mode allows you to save all objects of the road network, including streets and driveways in the derived map. The task is designed for processing topographic terrain maps in the scale from 1:25 000 up to 1: 1 000 000. This method allows to realise the multiscale maps providing the qualitative image in several scales, and also to raise degree of automation of processes of drawing up and the issuing maps of smaller scales. The converter of digital vector maps from SHP format has been improved. It supports the import of a folders tree with SHP files, with the automatic formation of sheets and map layers in national division and coordinate systems, with the assignment of conventional symbols by alphanumeric code in any national language encoded in UTF.

In the "Classifier Editor" in the "Layers" bookmark, there is added the ability to set the order of displaying objects within a given layer (the button "Objects order"). It allows to unite layers of the same-type in the classifier which have been entered earlier for management of order of objects display. Flexible setting of the classifier simplifies the preparation of libraries of conventional symbols according to the requirements adopted in the national mapping systems of different countries.

The sorting of multi-sheet maps (MAP) is accelerated by 3-4 times due to multi-threaded processing on multi-core processors. When sorting map objects, the order of displaying objects in the layer is taken into account.

The task "Import of navigational data from GPX files" is improved. The program allows to load simultaneously several files in format GPX onto one map. This will save operator time on converting data.

In the complex of geodesy calculations there is implemented the storage and editing of data on documents that establish the category of land, the type of permitted use and the address of land use not only for the formed, but also for the specified, changeable and original sites. Screen elements are added for entering and editing information about a natural object. The procedure for analyzing the initial data specified by the user for the formation of the scheme for the location of the land plot on the cadastral plan of the territory was automated.

In the program the dialog "Image color adjustment" was refined, which is called via the menu item "Options\Colors" in tasks of "Data lists" or "Map legend". There is implemented the possibility of creating and editing a set of the user palettes to control the displaying the matrixes of terrain elevation that were added into the document.

In the task of "Check of vector map quality" the output of report documents into the HTML-file is added. Outputting reports into HTML file allows you to generate reporting documents without using office programs. There is added the ability to run several instances of GIS "Panorama-Editor" for execution of control of various vector maps with the issuance of reports into HTML format (a report into MS Word is executed only from one program).

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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