GIS WebServer AGRO provides a remote management of resource-saving farming technologies


Resource-saving agriculture is not only a change in the way of basic tillage, but a whole system that reduces production costs while improving soil fertility. Agrarian GIS on the basis of "Panorama AGRO" provides the accumulation of a large amount of spatial data characterizing the contours of agricultural lands and local conditions of soil fertility in a single database of the agricultural holding. GIS WebServer AGRO as part of the agrarian GIS of agrarian holding's provides remote access to an unlimited number of layers of spatial data and attributive information about the contours of arable land, individual segments of the field, agricultural producers' facilities and the infrastructure of the agro-industrial complex of the region located in the information base.

GIS WebServer AGRO version 2.2 is developed in KB "Panorama". In the new version the speed and reliability of work is increased at processing of a large number of cartographical layers and execution of long search requests. As sources of spatial data, GIS WebServer AGRO uses maps from the agricultural holding database published by cartographical service the GIS WebService SE and the geoinformation layers connected from external sources of the Internet (for example, satellite imagery from the Kosmosnimki portal or land boundaries from the Public Cadastral Service Map "). When the layers of the agricultural holding are located on the GIS Server, the coordinate description of the accounting objects of the agro-holding in industrial DBMS is maintained. In new version of GIS WebServer AGRO there is added the possibility to make direct changes into semantic characteristics of the spatial data characterising the contours of fields and other objects of the account of an agricultural producer, without using the special tool of map editing.

GIS WebServer AGRO allows you to use the full range of data needed for resource-saving technologies: satellite monitoring of crops, soil sampling points, soil fertility maps, application of GLONASS/GPS tools to monitor field progress and yield mapping, preparation for differential application of fertilizers, support of data collection from unmanned aerial vehicles, monitoring of vehicles and agricultural machinery, and others.

You can see an example of the work of GIS WebServer AGRO on the page of the demonstration project the "Agroportal".

A new program is available on the site in the Download section.

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