Educational and presentation materials on application of agrarian geoinformation systems are updated


Specialists of KB "Panorama" updated educational and presentation materials on work with agrarian geoinformation systems: GIS "Panorama AGRO", GIS "Panorama-editor FARMING", GIS "Panorama AUTO", "Workstation of Agronomist", Panorama AGRO Service and GIS WebServer AGRO. The basic software for creating the geographic information system of the agro-enterprise is the GIS Panorama AGRO. It provides accounting of agricultural lands, maintenance of the soil fertility base, agro-technological planning of agriculture, monitoring of the status of fields and crops, maintenance of a database of information on vehicles, agricultural machinery and aggregates. It provides remote monitoring of mechanized operations based on GLONASS/GPS navigation of technical facilities and information interaction with external programs, including products on the 1C platform.

The use of software solutions from the line of agricultural GIS, as well as their combination with a cartographical server (GIS Server) and GIS "Panorama", allow building scalable distributed information systems that provide a single geographic information space for the agro-enterprise.

You can get acquainted with the presentation on the application of agro-geoinformation systems in the "Presentation" section.

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