In GIS ToolKit the possibilities of exchange by spatial data are expanded


In KB "Panorama" the tools of GIS ToolKit version 12.4.0 is developed for creation of GIS applications in Delphi, C ++ Builder Embarcadero. In the new version there are updated the GIS-kernel libraries in which possibility is added for saving the vector data from the format of GIS Panorama into GeoJson format with taking into account the styles of displaying. In this case, into the file not only the geometry of objects is saved, but also their metadata and external view. The output file can be published in web by means of leaflet, openlayers, 2gis, openstreetmap and other applications supporting GeoJson with styles.

In the dialog box "Select object" there is changed the algorithm for calculating the area of the objects having extent on a longitude more than 5 degrees. Extended objects are cut by strips in UTM projection, no more than 5 degrees on a longitude. The total area of objects is calculated by conventional zones and summed. The extended accuracy of calculation of the area is provided at a selecting the "Extended" value in the pop-up menu for item "Accuracy of coordinates display".

Converter from SHP format is improved. There is added support for file names, field names and attribute values in the national encoding. There is added an automatic identification of a set name and an object of the classifier (by key or name).

There is added the ability to create a new classifier with the subsequent primary automatic classification of objects and characteristics (automatic addition into the classifier of absent semantics and types of objects). Displaying rasters with cutting the images by a frame is improved. Accuracy of the image cut for different scale display is improved. It allows at scaling to display more precisely a mosaic of rasters without discrepancies and imposing the images of the adjacent rasters. New implementation of forming the images of the reduced raster copies allows to improve details of the compressed image.

Possibility is added for opening of rasters from GIS Server which are generated from GeoTIFF format without copying the image into RSW file (multispectral multichannel rasters displayed through the GDAL library).

There is increased the speed of building the reduced copies of raster images after import of graphic files or procedures of data compression. Time of building the pyramid of reduced images inside RSW file is reduced by 10-15 times at the expense of multi-threading processing on multi-core processors.

On an order there are accelerated the operations of viewing and the printing the transaction log (the list of the operations executed on a map) for a great number of records (hundreds of thousands or more) through the use of indexed transaction log. There is added a support of advanced parameters of local coordinate systems for execution of affine transformation or conversion of type "shift, scale, rotation". The use of advanced parametres increases the accuracy of the coordinates calculations in the local coordinate systems, allows you to apply professional geodetic programs for high-precision calculation of the parameters for the local area on the basis of projections of Gauss-Kruger, UTM, Stereographic and others.

GIS ToolKit is a toolkit for developer of geographic information systems, allowing to process spatial databases. The toolkit consists of a set of visual components (available in the source code) and API functions for direct access to the database of geodata. Database of geodata can be located either in the workplace (direct access to the data), and on the local network or in the Internet (using the components of access to the GIS Server or a data exchange according to international protocols WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS).

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