"Workstation of agronomist" reduces the time for preparation of data for agronomic audit when analyzing large amounts of information


In KB "Panorama" the "Workstation of agronomist" version 12.4.1 is developed. In the new version "Complex of Agronomical Tasks" is adapted for operation in the 64-bit Windows system.

There is optimized the operation of the complex for the size of memory when you open vector maps and remote sensing data of large volume.

Agronomical audit of agriculture is necessary in order to analyse activities of agricultural enterprises of any scale, from small farmers to large agricultural holdings with the objective of optimizing the regular costs and eliminating the errors in the organization of the economy.The use in "Workstation of agronomist" for the platform x64 of all available RAM can speed work with maps of a large amount in the tasks of displaying spatial data, the search and selection of map objects based on user-selected criteria, when editing large arrays of selected objects. There is supported the work with rasters and matrixes of heights of large volumes and data of geoportals which can be displayed together with the vector map.

Into the "Reports" panel the "Control of objects occurrence" mode is added. The mode performs the operation of control of objects' relative position of two lists. Control requirement is that the object from the list 2 entirely would be in one of the objects from the list 1. Thus, objects can have the common points of the metrics on border. The result of the mode's work is a table with the objects list of list 2 that do not meet the control requirement.

Dialogs for working with the database of soil fertility provide a joint analysis of accounting-technical characteristics and spatial information on agricultural land. "Workstation of agronomist" supports remote work with the maps placed on the GIS Server. As sources of additional data the geoinformation layers placed on various resources on the Internet can be used. It can be public and private content provided to users for a payment.The program supports the authorized access to resource layers by the login and the password provided by the holder of data source.

New version is posted on the website in the Download section.

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