Training films on application of "Workstation of cadastral engineer" for formation of cadastral documents in electronic form are prepared


The specialists of KB "Panorama" have developed training videos on the formation of cadastral documents in XML format. In video lessons the order of using the "Workstation of cadastral engineer" is shown at loading the initial data, preparation of a map and formation of output documents in electronic form. The video lesson "Formation of XML-document reproducing data on an establishment, change, termination of existence of zones with special conditions of using territories, territorial zones" contains information about the full cycle of preparation of this cadastral document, including the preparation of the map (plan) of object of land management. The video lesson "Specification of the border location and the area of the land plot" is devoted to the peculiarities of preparation of cadastral map and land survey plan formation in electronic form.

Video describes the steps to load the XML-extracts from the body of State Realty Cadastre. There are in detail considered the questions of creating a cadastral map in local coordinate system for the further processing the results of cadastral measurements. There is shown the process of preparation and registration of a cadastral map taking into account a variant of execution of cadastral works. There are shown the steps in the "Map Editor" to create the new cadastral objects and design elements. The operations procedure is considered at entering the initial data on object of cadastral works and editing the attributive data of cadastral objects. It describes how to attach documents to XML-file. It shows the sequence of steps for the formation of the XML-file, digital signatures and ZIP-package to be sent into the body of cadastral registration.

You can find teaching materials on the Video lessons page.

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