"Workstation of agronomist" supports the intraeconomic cadastral registration


KB "Panorama" released the "Complex of agronomical tasks" of version 5.0, that is a part of "Workstation of agronomist" of version The new version of the complex is integrated with the "Municipal GIS "Land and Real Estate "and "Workstation of urban-planner". All these software products use a single cadastral database for registration of land plots and objects of capital construction. Land registration and analysis of the land bank is one of the most important tasks of agricultural enterprise's management. Farmers need to know exactly what ground areas are already put onto the state cadastral registration, which lands are in the process of registration and which areas are leased or rented. "Workstation of agronomist" provides conducting the intraeconomic cadastral registration in the complex with taking into account the contours of agricultural land used in agriculture and animal husbandry.

For primary filling the register of the ground areas there are stipulated the procedures of import of data from the state real estate cadastre by stream loading of XML-files - cadastral passports of territory. There are stipulated a storage of such attributes as cadastral number, number of cadastral affairs, cadastral cost, the tax rate, land tax, land category, type of permitted use and so on. It supports functions of editing the land cards, a conducting the directories and specifying the adress by the address registry of cadastral database.

Coordinate description of land plots boundaries is stored in the cadastral map, posted on a user's computer or on the GIS Server for collective use by various structural units of a farm. For search of the location of the land plot on the cadastral map there is provided a link of the record in the register of land plots with the map object or a direct coordinate binding.

For acquaintance with functions of the intraeconomic cadastral registration on demonstration "Agroportal" the map of land plots and the cadastral database are placed. Cadastral map and the filled register of land plots are prepared onto territory of a part of Borisovsky District of Belgorod Oblast. Demonstration data are placed in open access the connection to which is carried out via the IP-address from "Workstation of agronomist".

The new version of the program does not require updating a database and is placed on the website in the Download section.

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