"Workstation of agronomist" automates processes of detecting unrecorded contours of agricultural land and land plots unused in production


In KB "Panorama" the "Workstation of agronomist" version 11.13.4 is developed. In the new version "Complex of agronomical tasks" provides the automated calculation of imposing the land plots onto contours of agricultural lands. Program performs overlay operation of multiple imposing the objects of two classes (lists) by a crossing method. Objects of source classes are defined by two lists: the list 1 - objects of imposing and the list 2 - the analyzed objects.

Result of the mode's work are the calculated values of the areas of occurrence of contours of agricultural lands into the land plots or vice versa. The program determines multiple occurrences of analyzed objects and calculates the area of each occurrence in absolute units and in percentage of the imposing's object. Results are presented by three indicators: "total area", "% of occurrence" and "% of imposing". "Total area" - the value of the area of crossing the object of the list 1 with the object of the list 2. "% of occurrence" - the value that indicates in percentage what part of object of list 2 is included into object of the list 1. "% of imposing" - the value that indicates in percentage what part of object of the list 1 is imposed on object of the list 2.

Results of calculations can be output into the report or be stored into semantics of objects of one of stacks. For convenience of the visual analysis of multiple imposing of one object the tools of viewing occurrences of objects are provided. After calculations the data are displayed in the form of two lists. For example, in one list there are displayed all contours of agricultural land, and in other the all land plots having the imposing onto a current contour of agricultural land. At moving along the list of farmlands the composition of land plots is changed.

Analysis of conjoint location of contours of farmlands and the land plots can be executed both on a local map, and on the map of the enterprise placed on the GIS Server. For creating and updating a map of borders of land plots the procedure "Loading of data from the state cadastre of real estate" can be used. Map of contours of agricultural land can be obtained as a result of measurement of fields by means of GNSS receiver or a vectoring by the image of a space photo. Changing sequence of analyzed lists of objects it is possible to carry out detecting the contours of agricultural lands unrecorded in the state cadastre or the land plots not used in the production.

The new version of the program and the documentation are placed on the web-site in the Download section.

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