"Workstation of cadastral engineer" automates input of repeating data for several objects of real estate at formation of land survey and technical plans


In KB "Panorama" the "Workplace of cadastral engineer" version 11.13.3 is developed. In the new version there are automated the processes of input of repeating data in dialogues "Land Survey plan" and "Technical building plan". At simultaneous formation of several one-type ground areas or buildings often there is a necessity of input of a large amount of repeating data. In the "Technical building plan" dialog there is implemented the possibility of forming one XML file for two and more buildings formed as a result of partitioning the existing building. To this end, into the interface there is added the processing of selected map objects - buildings. In the dialog mode, the entered data for each formed building are saved by the button "Save data for one specified object". During entering, information files and on-screen elements are automatically filled with values from semantics of all selected objects - buildings. Values of the attributes which are not supported by semantics (for example, "Material of outer walls") are stored in a special text file.

In the "Land Survey plan" dialog there is automated the input of the repeating values at forming the surveying plan concerning several simultaneously formed ground areas. For this there is added the ability to copy information about documents confirming the specified type of permitted use, the category of land and the address of the land plot into the clipboard and insert the copied values into the attributes of all formed land plots. For an exception of duplication of data input about documents confirming the certificate of geodetic instruments, at formation of the electronic XML-document and textual report there is implemented the mechanism of crossed saving the various data about documents with use of file MPP.

The mode "Arrangement of plot on the cadastral plan of territory" is refined. There are added a rounding the coordinates of characteristic points to two digits after the decimal point and the sequential numbering of characteristic points for several contours of the multiplanimetric land plots.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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