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GIS ToolKit extends possibilities of preparation of maps for presentations and reports


KB "Panorama" developed toolkit of GIS ToolKit of version 11.13.2 and 12.3.2 for creation of GIS applications in the environment of Delphi, C++ Builder, Embarcadero. New version includes libraries of GIS-kernel which considerably expand possibilities for maps designing at the expense of use of programmable signs. The library of programmable signs shape.iml is updated, in which there is added a support of the signs displaying a fragment of a map, a picture, a geoportal in the specified rectangle. The reference to the displayed data is set in semantics. For documents that display spatial data (map, image, geoportal) coordinates in WGS-84 can be specified as the center of the displayed document. Links to data placed on the GIS Server are supported. By means of semantic characteristics of type the Color and Color Weight it is possible to change the background color and degree of data transparency. There is added a support of links to documents (Microsoft Word) and tables (Microsoft Excel) with displaying on a map in dimensions of the object metrics. It simplifies creation of reports and presentations with use of spatial data. New possibilities are accessible to the programmer by using standard methods of work with a map object through the component TMapObj. GIS ToolKit is a toolkit for developer of geoinformation systems, allowing to process spatial databases. Toolkit consists of a set of visual components (supplied as source code) and API functions for direct access to base of geodata. The base of geodata can be located and on a workplace (direct data access), and in a local network or in the Internet (there are used the components of access to GIS Server or data exchange on international protocols WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS). New versions of programs are available for downloading on the Download page.

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